Austal Philippines Shipyard Operations in Balamban, Cebu

Our Story

Austal Philippines commenced operations in February 2012 as part of a competitive strategy by Austal to regionalize its manufacturing base for commercial vessels. The shipyard began with 30 employees and now boasts a workforce of over 300.

The Austal Philippines shipyard in Balamban, Cebu was acquired in November 2011 and a comprehensive refurbishment program was implemented to establish best-practice facilities enabling production that meets Austal’s high standards of quality and safety.

The establishment of Austal Philippines in Balamban has created great value for both its employees and the local community. The shipyard generates increased employment, supports local businesses and generally improves the standard of living for employees and their families.

Austal Philippines is now Austal Group’s global centre for commercial vessel design, development and construction and is strategically positioned to cater to market demands for high speed ferries, work boats, fast crew transfer boats and other commercial vessels.

Austal Philippines delivered its first vessel, a 27-meter Tri-Swath Wind Farm support vessel, to the UK in January 2013 and has since produced four Wind Farm support vessels, all of which were built for repeat customer – Turbine Transfers Limited.

Austal Philippines also boasts the construction and delivery of the largest aluminium ferry built in the Philippines to date – the Austal Auto Express 80, a 79.8 meter, high speed passenger and vehicle ferry.

The team recently delivered two 45 metre high speed catamaran ferries to the Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation. The all-aluminium catamarans, ordered in 2014 and delivered to ADNOC in August 2015 are the ideal solution to safely and efficiently transporting crew and cargo at high speed to offshore facilities.

Aside from designing and building aluminium commercial vessels, Austal Philippines also works on modular construction of smaller, integral components for patrol boats contracted by Austal Australia and provides support for both local and international service contracts. These support service projects have seen Austal Philippines employees seconded to Australia, Tahiti, Sweden, Malta and United Kingdom for the service and repair Austal constructed vessels.

These achievements are testament to Austal Philippines’ vision of becoming a world class shipyard with sustainable profitability.

The Austal Philippines team are successfully combining Austal’s industry leading intellectual property and maritime technology expertise with high quality and efficient local production capabilities to achieve customer focused solutions. The Austal Philippines team are guided by the values of excellence, integrity, teamwork, and the continuous enhancement of safe and hazard free facilities.

Austal Philippines is now a proud, valued partner in the global Austal Group, producing world class ships to customers, globally.